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Management System for Infrastructure Assets

SMART - Management System for Infrastructure Assets

Roads, bridges, tunnels, port structures, airports, and other civil works are important components of the infrastructure. In order to ensure safety and serviceability – and a sound economy – on the long run, the assets need maintenance that is:

  • Systematic
  • Well organised
  • Technically-Economically optimal
  • Well documented
  • Causing minimum disturbance to the users

This involves handling large amounts of information, which must be readily available for all people involved.

SMART — overview and control
Rambøll's web based maintenance management system SMART supports a systematic, well organised and documented maintenance management. It provides overview on planning level and practical tools on implementation level. The web concept allows everybody who is involved in the maintenance immediate access to continuously updated data and to the tools he or she needs to manage the maintenance activities. The access is governed by individual user rights.
SMART provides users and decision makers on all levels of the organisation with the necessary tools and information for an efficient management:

  • Overview of assets and their technical properties
  • Overview of condition
  • Overview of maintenance needs
  • Overview and management of requested, on-going and finalised activities
  • Overview of short and long term budget needs
  • Overview of documents
  • Easy access to detailed information

Management of different structures — separately and together
Infrastructure facilities are very different in composition, complexity and size, but the principles for systematic maintenance management are universal. The registration of the assets for which the maintenance is to be managed by SMART, is based on a unique prototype concept that allows the user to apply condition registration, activity management, budgeting, monitoring, and document management on very different structures. SMART is actually being used for managing the maintenance of structures as different as ports, roads, minor bridges, large bridges, tunnels, culverts, water supply systems, sewer systems, and wind turbines. Some installations are targeted at a specific range of structure types, and they are named consequently: SMART Ports, SMART Bridge, SMART Road, etc.

SMART Mobile
Jobs can be requested and reported upon by means of a wireless, handheld PDA with online connection to the database — including attachment of photos, sketches, etc.


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